Live Hook-Up Status
Series Standings
1 Fa La Me3900.00
2 Bree3800.00
3 Over Budget3100.00
4 El Cazador2600.00
5 Queen of Hearts2495.00
6 Paradise One2456.00
7 Georgie Girl2400.00
8 Rum Bum2400.00
9 Fish On2100.00
10 Mama Who2100.00
Catch Stats
Billfish Count162
Blue Marlin Count93
White Marlin Count69
Sailfish Count0
Spearfish Count0
Dorado Count2
Wahoo Count3
Tuna Count0
Series Fish Log
TeamSpeciesRelease TimeFight Time
Image   Callie GirlBlue Marlin7.21.12 03:43:589 mins.
  Rum BumBlue Marlin7.21.12 03:33:005 mins.
Image   Reel AddictionBlue Marlin7.21.12 02:07:2219 mins.
  Video ChaosWhite Marlin7.21.12 01:11:446 mins.
  El CazadorWhite Marlin7.21.12 12:48:105 mins.
  Video Over BudgetBlue Marlin7.21.12 12:18:454 mins.
  Queen of HeartsBlue Marlin7.21.12 11:00:3244 mins.
  BreeBlue Marlin7.20.12 04:18:2829 mins.
Image   ImpulseBlue Marlin7.20.12 04:04:1033 mins.
Image   Reel LaxBlue Marlin7.20.12 03:10:525 mins.
  Rum BumBlue Marlin7.20.12 02:47:5314 mins.
  Billy The KidBlue Marlin7.20.12 02:27:0913 mins.
  El CazadorBlue Marlin7.20.12 02:25:459 mins.
  Triple PlayBlue Marlin7.20.12 02:01:5442 mins.
Image   Game OnWhite Marlin7.20.12 01:26:074 mins.
  Que MasWhite Marlin7.20.12 01:21:434 mins.
  Video Fa La MeWhite Marlin7.20.12 01:02:233 mins.
  Video ChaosBlue Marlin7.20.12 12:43:497 mins.
  Video MaritessBlue Marlin7.20.12 12:32:0211 mins.
  Game OnWahoo7.20.12 12:17:395 mins.